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Celebrating a New Record!

It's Official!

A new record: 78.163mph!

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It is now official that this little Indian Junior Scout is the fastest of its kind in the world today. Many of the fellow competitors with their million dollar racing budgets were as happy for us as we were to accomplish the feat. In 10 months, the Thunder Road Racing Team, under the direction of the head designer and rider, Ted Hector, had taken a basket case 1938 Indian and turned it into the world�s fastest, and arguably a piece of art, vintage 500 cc motorcycle.

The weekend after Bonneville, there was a champagne celebration back at the shop. The team is currently contemplating a return in 2006. Maybe, just maybe, with a 45 ci Flathead. Indian? Harley? Who knows? To those who have inquired, this beautiful and now famous motorcycle will be offered for sale early in 2006.

"Long live Flatheads."

Ross Metcalfe

Siggi Klann

Gary MacDonald

Frederick Hectur AKA Ted Hector

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